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Hamlet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Hamlet - Essay ExampleFor Hamlet his controlling power is his words, they are not however his way of to express himself but similarly his weapon, in many situations he has come across as the king of word seeing. However because of his contradicting record his word magnate also deuce-ace to arresting him. Since he is an observer, his analysis may lead to exhaustion resulting in being indecisive. His words at point also lead him to not being able to take revenge for his fathers death.At some point Hamlets character portrayed lyssa too, he was in love with Ophelia but he would also end up abusing her verbally. It would almost seem like Hamlet is under the influence of a mask, so he can actually decide and pick the kind of character he would want to play.The most prominent quality in the nature of Fortinbras was his ability to prove his words through his doings. Even if some matters would not require him to react he would take an action without having to think twice almost the con sequences.Often in the play Fortinbras took decisions based on his emotions and did not think about what his action may cause. As compared to all the other main characters in the play Fortinbras barely speaks.Fortinbras has a strong emotional bonding with his family which is something thats differs him and Hamlet. It is this affection of his that leads Fortinbras to not welcome war. He could be easily manipulated by displaying respect and loyalty for his family. Fortinbras for certain(a) is a soldier but he never believes in slaughtering and murdering people brutally. He is probably the only character who took the initiative to help repair the damaged. His action and his ability to speak his mind leads him to become a framing character.Calling Laertes hot-headed wont be something wrong, his fathers death has caused him to feel so much anger and many people thought that his anger is his biggest strength. He has a very charismatic personality enough to appeal anyone, he is also

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MMPI-A (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Adolescent) Essay

MMPI-A (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Adolescent) - Essay Examplethat used obsolete language or seemed awkward, ambiguous, or sexist were rewritten to improve face validity and to decrease perceived offensiveness (Butcher et al.,1992, n.p.). The test item pool was shortened, including 20 items which performed the same or remedy psychometrically as the original version (Williams, Ben-Porath, & Hevern, 1994). The result was an instrument containing 567 True or False items, and includes the same 13 scales of the MMPI and MMPI-2, as well as a hardly a(prenominal) additional validity and content scales. Sample items include, My teachers have it in for me, My feelings are not easily hurt, and My parents often object to the kind of people I go around withThe items are spread over a variety of scales measuring different aspects of adolescent behavior and potential problem areas including family issues, eating disorders and chemical dependency. At the psychologists discretio n, the clinical scales and three of the validity scales can be scored from the first 350 items. Its norms are adolescent-specific.The MMPI-A is used by schools, clinical and counseling psychologists to help support the diagnosis and manipulation planning of problematic adolescents in a variety of settings. It helps identify the root causes of potential problems at its onset. Aside from providing crucial information easily understood by parents, teachers and others in the adolescents support network, it likewise guides professionals in making appropriate referrals.Clinicians administering the MMPI-A with 12-13 year olds who have sixth grade reading level and seems to be mature enough for the test should do it with caution especially in the interpretation of the results. Likewise, the clinician should be discerning when dealing with 18 year old respondents, as they are qualified for both the MMPI-2 and the MMPI-A versions. A suggested guideline would be to use the MMPI-A instrument w ith 18-year-olds who are still in high school and the MMPI-2 instrument

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Writer's choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 20

Writers choice - Essay ExampleIndeed, I will quote two scholarly readings from the mid-sixties to prove this assertion.The students for a democratic society released a statement in 1962 that defined a declaration of SDS principles (University of Michigan, 1962). Ideally, SDS was a radical student organization that derived of import influence in 1968. Indeed, the movement drew many students in protesting against Vietnam War. The development distribution of the Port Huron statement translated to a strong student movement that influenced globular democracy in the1968 (University of Michigan, 1962). In 1968, SDS led to students demonstrations that involved more than 150 demonstrators who demanded multicultural curriculum and financial support for ethnic studies. The Students for a Democratic society launched a major antiwar demonstration at Columbia University in April 1968 (Hayden, 1968). The demonstrators occupied various buildings and kidnaped three school officials. It took the in tervention of more than 1,000 police officers to clear the growing number of student demonstrators who were in excess of 5,000 students (Hayden, 1968).SDS governing council called for two, three, many Columbians in 1968. The call encouraged the demonstrators to heighten the protests with an aim of forcing the federal government to change or send American troops to take over American universities (Hayden, 1968). Indeed, they treated the Columbia strike as a case model for student protests in all universities in 1968 since it defined a new tactical movement. Indeed, the student protests contradicted black protests since they opposed fundamental institutions (Hayden, 1968). Initially, students were responding to the black movement but in 1968, they cerebrate on Student Power. The demonstrators adopted an internationalist and revolutionary approach in opposing imperialism in American universities (Hayden,

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Meeting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Meeting - Essay ExampleConduct Meetings, what do you do if one of the pack in the meeting started to talk about things which are not related to the purpose of the meeting?The tangentially inclined individuals are people who take kill on unrelated subjects, thereby derailing the conversation and interfering with the pace of the meeting. This may happen if meeting goals/outcomes are not clearly defined, or if the level of feature or the meeting roles are not understood.To handle this scenario, the facilitator must stop and clarify the desired outcome for this particular topic. If possible, he/she must help the class agree on level of detail to discuss before the meeting even gets started. He/she can use a parking lot to testify issues to be worked outside the meeting. Finally, he/she should make sure that people feel heard.The most appropriate meeting chairperson is somebody who is (1) level-headed, because meetings can get het up up some whiles, so mortal who can keep the harmo ny in the proceeding is vital (2) objective, because opposing views are inevitable in meetings, so someone who can weigh the pros and cons can keep things in proper perspective (3) intelligent enough to understand everything that transpires in the meeting and (4) sensitive to the fact that everyones ideas and personality differences are recognized.b.How will you ensure that the meeting is time efficient and desired outcomes can be achieved efficiently? E.g. what may be an appropriate time limit on each speaker unit and how will you try to restricting discussion to agenda items?For the meeting to be time-efficient, certain guidelines must be make clear to all attendees, especially on the issue/s to be discussed so as to avoid veering away from what is relevant. Also, limits to the duration that each speaker can talk must be set, i.e., 2 minutes to present his/her main idea/concern, then ask for extension if necessary.c.Give at least 2 examples of ethical and legal requirements for a public

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Mass Murderer Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mass Murderer - Case Study ExampleWhen looking at the case of Charles Manson, one could begin to itemization a myriad of reasons for his crimes, starting all the way at the beginning of his purport. Even in his younger years, Manson was subjected to crime, and went in and taboo of several different testimonial camps until he was finally sent to the National Training Schools for Boys in Washington D.C. His turn to crime can be traced back to his unstable family life, his mother was a drunk and he may never have known his real father. He lived between family members, and even at one time in his life was sold by his mother so she could get some alcohol. His uncle had to go take him back, and thus began Mansons movement in and out of family homes, as well as the prison and rehabilitation crimes schools he would go in and out of for the next years of his life.Mansons life of crime only continued, as his criminal behavior in jail kept him in prison until March 21, 1967. Upon his release then, he had spent less than his thirty two years in various prisons across the country. However, for Manson, his worst crimes were still yet to come. They could easily be foreshadowed by his previous record of crime and unwillingness to cope with the law. If one simply was to glance at this past record, it is not a surprise that Manson turned out the way that he did.Now that Manson was out of jail, he was able to amass alm... and always beingness shuffled in and out of homes and schools, I feel Manson did not grow up as he should, and suffered from a wish of a stable conscience. As he continued to grow, this is evident through his massing of a Family, as it would later be called, and the gruesome murders that would later be carried out on his command. As his Family continues to grow, his supports became even much loyal to him. A huge Beatles fan, Manson preached to his followers that mass murders were to come, and that riots between blacks and whites due to racial tension were due to break out at any time. However, it was Mansons family themselves who skint out the murders, and in an odd way brought Mansons teachings to life. Although it is uncertain if Manson committed any of the murders himself, it is for sure that he ordered them and played a pivotal role in what happened the nights of all the murders.After all of these murders, Manson would be sentenced to death on seven counts of murder and one count of conspiracy. Manson was just recently denied parole again, and is not up for parole until 2012. His case is often connected with the counter culture of the time, and Manson may be one of the most infamous murderers of this age. Throughout his whole life, Manson never sincerely stood still. Being brought up in a shaky, unstable environment, and having to go through all those prisons at such a young age, and even having a lack of strong role models, all seem to compact into the idea of what he turned into. He seemed to somewhat loose touch with right a nd wrong, possibly because he never really was taught what right and wrong was. I believe that these reasons all strongly weighed on Manson, and ultimately made him become who he turned out to be. If Manson had had a better childhood, been

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Summary and Critical Analysis of Multi-objective Decision Making Term Paper

Summary and Critical Analysis of Multi- verifiable Decision Making - Term piece ExampleThis term paper discusses the subject of multi-objective decision making problems, that require a set of criteria prior to implementation. First, it is clear that objective functions must be normalized. That is, objective functions must have the same physical meaning to all the stakeholders involved, which likewise means that units and scales used in the measurement of these function must be consistent. Next, the leave principle of optimality must be chosen. The principle of optimality sets the properties of the optimal solution and answers in such a ways that the optimal solution bests all other feasible solutions. Third, the researcher states that the priorities of objective functions have also to be considered. It is imortant to understand that different objective functions have different importance and thus, higher priority must be given to more important objective functions. Based on these considerations, this term paper provides a critical analysis of a multi-objective decision making model, which covers political economy and managerial applications of a company. A summary of the model were presented by the researcher of the paper, and its strengths and weaknesses were also highlighted. In conclusion, the researcher of this term paper analyzed the final instalment of the study. This term paper also presents an outline of a possible research project, that will be concducted and that will involve both multi-objective decision making carry out and analysis as well as multi-objective decision making model to view.

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Final Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 4

Final Exam - Assignment ExampleP3 initiates RNAIII that codes 6-hemolysin. P2 operon is 3Kb in length. It is unique when compared to P3 since it has up to cardinal control surface reading frames, agrA, agrB, agrC, and agrD. The agrA controls the sensory transduction while agrB is responsible for the production of histidine phosphokinase in bacteria. Due to mutations, defects may occur in any one of four open reading frames, the resulting strains dont have P2 and P3 transcripts, beside they become arg-. These strains tidy sumnot initiate transcription from the P2 and P3. Insertion at C1Ai site in the RNARIII region in P3 results in deactivation of arg functions.2. a) -lactamase has higher activity as compared to the normal P2 and P3 promoters, and thus -lactamase can make other existing non-useful plasmids like p1524 unstable. Using P2 and P3 instead of -lactamase allows expression of the p15424, and this interferes with the results.b) RN6390B, arg+ produces stronger signals for al pha and important hemolysins than does RN69 11, a null-arg strain, whose signal is extremely weak. If the researcher used arg+ instead, he would not obtain the same results due to interference by other unnecessary signals.c) When a B lymphocyte secretes antibodies that are directed towards a specific epitope on an antigen, we call the antibodies monoclonal. However, when a significant number of antibodies are secreted that have assorted affinities and specificities towards different epitopes, we call them polyclonal antibodies. B- hemolysin antibody is a polyclonal antibody, has a wide range of affinities and specificities and thus it can detect any antigen present in its environment.d) In anti-b blot, protein A produces a stronger signal for arg-a42 and no signal in arg-a40. The signal for B-hemolysin is present only in arg-a40 and not arg-a42. These results mean that different regions of P3 codes for different chemicals.3. The author used RN7220 because it can increase the hla